TRAILERS, BOATS, MOBILE HOMES
                                            ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE PARKED          
                                                    IN YOUR DRIVE-WAY
                       according to Blanco Woods HOA By-Laws.  Please read your by-laws.

                                               * * * * * *


The Blanco Woods Homeowners Association became a mandatory association in November of 2010.  This means all residents in Blanco Woods must pay annual dues.

Invoices will go out in January and must be paid by March.  

Your current Blanco Woods HOA Board is in the process of planning an exciting year in 2015.  We want to invite all of our residents to actively participate and join us at our meetings this year.  Let the Board know what it is you want to see happen in our neighborhood!

Blanco Woods 2014 HOA Board Members are:   (TBA updated for 2015)

Directors Term Expires in December of
Alex Hill, President, (210) 492-2709 2017
Don Czelusniak, Vice President, (210) 492-0724 2017
Robert Oroszi, Treasurer, (210) 470-9871 2015
Roslyn Higginbotham, Secretary 2015
Glo Green 2015
Matt Cronin 2017
Susan Hull 2014
Calli Micaletti 2014
One of our achievements has been the creation of this  web site to keep our members better informed. On this website, we have posted all of the following:

     *HOA meeting dates and times
     *Current & past minutes and Agendas
     *Financial Statements for each year since 2007     
     *The current By-Laws and Covenants for Blanco Woods
     *Major Announcements
     *Missing Pets

We have some great goals for 2014. One of these is 100% participation in your HOA. We want to increase the participation at our HOA meetings and on our Committees! 
 It is YOUR neighborhood. Don't leave it up to a few people to make the decisions!

We will do another NEIGHBORHOOD POOL PARTY on May 17, 2013. . What a great way to get to know your neighbors. We had a great time the last four years at this get-together!  

Then, look for a Neighborhood Garage Sale in October.


The 2014  BWHOA Board of Directors

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